Stream OG Maco’s ‘Tax Free’ Mixtape

Surprise, surprise. After dropping the new mixtape collab with Zaytoven OGZAY, last month, we bet you didn’t guess OG Maco was going to drop a new project today. And if so, you was right. The rising Atlanta star hits us with the new mixtape, Tax Free, on no notice. Something light for fans to vibe out to, OG Mac provides four new tracks that show a more cerebral side to the typically turnt up spitta. There are no features on the spur of the moment release, only the “FuckEmX3″ rapper offering his thoughts.

The Quality Control MC is in the running to land a spot on the coveted XXL Freshmen 2015 cover. After gaining almost instant fame with his viral hit “U Guessed It,” he has been hard at work pumping out fresh material on the regular. In October, he dropped his third EP, the well-received Live Life 2, followed by a self-titled EP, the Breathe EP and his 15 EP.

He is currently putting together his debut album Children of Rage. “I’m the most amazing shit that has happened in the last few years, period,” he recently told XXL. “It’s time for some change. The game needs leadership. The culture needs a little bit of change and everyone needs to see what’s really going on…nobody really knows where to find it but I’m right here.”

Stream the Tax Free mixtape, below.